Grimoire Finally Released on !!!

After 25 years of development and over a year of tweaking and bug fixing on Steam, Grimoire has finally made it to !!

The game comes with a standalone manual and a Steam Key with every purchase. This is the highly improved V2 with so much new content you could spend years trying to find it all. New monsters, new regions, new quests, new endings and new game mechanics have all been added to this version since the epic launch of the game over a year ago on Steam. The game was released following an amazing performance on Steam Greenlight in which Grimoire rose into the top 25 titles in only a few weeks!

Golden Era is proud to finally send Grimoire out into larger distribution where everybody can enjoy the massive incline!

UPDATE : Paypal and Credit Card now supported for transactions!


SetupGrimoire.exe 65 MB
Feb 14, 2019

Get Grimoire : Heralds of the Winged Exemplar

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I'm glad you offer the game here too, I purchased it right away. I love the atmosphere you've created, it feels genuinely classic. Cheers!